It is easy to remember periodic table using simple trick by which we can learn the atomic numbers. Periodic table is a tabular display of the chemical elements which are arranged by atomic number, electronic configuration and similarities in chemical properties. 

The modern periodic table has 7 periods and 18 groups.There are 118 elements arranged in table.Students often find it difficult to memorize various elements of periodic table according to their atomic number. 

Let’s make it easy for you. Here, we are sharing a simple trick to learn the atomic numbers and electronic configuration of first 20 elements of periodic table.

So just learn the phrase

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And here you go! Repeat it 5-10 times. I am sure you will never forget first 20 elements again.
Uses of Periodic Table The periodic table is significant for a variety of reasons. There are two main divisions groups (vertical columns) and periods (horizontal rows).
  1. It shows the trends in reactivity. Atoms in the same group form ions with the same charge and follow trends in reactivity.
  2. It tells us about physical trends. Atoms in the same group follow trends in physical properties (e.g. melting points increase down a group).
  3. It describes the trends in ionization and electron affinity of atoms, and atomic radius. Ionization energy and electron affinity increase across a period, while atomic radius decreases across a period.
  4. It offers ways of understanding valency and balancing equations easily by looking at the groups where atoms lie.
  5. It tells us which atoms are more reactive than others based on their relative positions, and also which compounds have the strongest bonds.
  6. It offers an explanation for both covalent and ionic bonding.
  7. It tells us name, symbol, atomic number, and nucleon number. This tells us number of protons, electrons and neutrons, and many phenomenon can be explained using these 3 values.

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