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Information Technology Sample paper for CBSE Class 10 is  available now. Students can practice this Sample Paper to score good marks. Sample papers are a great source to practice. IT is one of the options for vocational subject in class 10. It is a very good subject as it is useful in all other fields.

Information Technology (IT)  

It means creating, managing, storing and exchanging information. IT includes all types of technology used to deal with information, such as computer hardware and software technology used for creating, storing, and transferring information.

Computer takes data as input, processes it and produces the results as output. The information is the result of data processing. Data refers to the facts or raw material, which are processed to get the information.

Applications of IT 

Now a days Information Technology (IT) is used in almost each and every aspect of life. Here we are discussing the main application areas of IT.

  • IT in Education

In education sector, IT is used to make E-learning software and online courses. Various online resources such as e-books and online exams are available for students.

  • IT in Healthcare Services 

In healthcare sector, IT plays a major role in the diagnostics and treatment of life threatening diseases. MRI, CT-Scan, ECG, EEG and Sonography techniques are some well known examples depicting the uses of information technology in medical field.

  • In Hospitality

Online hotel reservations, airlines and ticket reservations, and trip planning are some examples of IT in hospitality industry.

  • IT in Banking 

Computer is an essential part of the modern banking system. Every activity of a bank is now online. The customer’s data and transactions are recorded by
computers. Recurring deposits (e-RD), Fixed deposits (e-FD), money transfer from one account to another (NEFT, RTGS), online transactions are done using Internet.

  • IT in Science and Engineering

Scientists and engineers use computers for performing complex scientific calculations. Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) applications are used for drawing, designing, simulating and testing the designs.

  • IT in Insurance

Insurance companies keep all records up to date with the help of computer database. Procedures for continuation of policies, starting date, date of next installment, maturity date, interest dues, survival benefits, and bonus are declared by using computers in insurance companies.

So, Information Technology is a vast sector. IT as a vocational subject is very beneficial to students.

It is very important to study the subject matter thoroughly in order to solve the Sample Papers of IT. The division of marks for the IT exam are as follows:

Total Marks: 100 (Theory – 50) + (Practical – 50)

Note: Each Vocational Question Paper will consist of 10 marks for EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS, which is common to all Vocational Subjects.


  1. Always try to solve the question paper within the same time period as allotted in final board exams.
  2. Try to follow all guidelines given in the question paper.
  3. Choose a proper peaceful place to practice paper, where no one can disturb you.
  4. Do not try to look for answers or hints from your study material. Just pretend as if you are sitting in actual Examination Hall.
  5. Keep a table clock near you and note the time you took to write answer specially for long questions. You should remember that time is very important in board exams. So, you must have good writing speed to complete all your answers within time.
  6. In 3 or 4 attempts of practice you will be able to decide how much time you should take to write any particular answer.

click here to download syllabus for cbse class 10

This practice will make you efficient to complete your paper within given time. You will become more confident about your preparation. Also your score will definitely increase in your final exams.

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