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CBSE Maths Sample paper 10th contains sample questions. CBSE has provided option to the students to choose basic or standard maths.

CBSE Maths Sample paper 10th (Basic and Standard Maths) provide students in depth detail of paper pattern and marks distribution. Solving sample Question papers make the students more confident about their preparation of board Exams.

Mathematics is a very interesting subject. You just need to devote time to maths problems on regular basis. If you do not understand any concept, ask your teacher for help. Do not skip the topics.

Study your books in detail and practice various problems daily. Practice makes a man perfect, and there is no better way to practice than to attempt the sample question papers of CBSE class 10.


  1. Generally, in maths paper, speed matters a lot. So solve the questions step by step with good speed and score good marks.
  2. Study all the guidelines given in question paper before attempting the questions.
  3. Choose a proper peaceful place to practice paper, where no one can disturb you.
  4. Do not try to look for answers or hints from your study material around. Just pretend as if you are sitting in actual Examination Hall.
  5. Keep a table clock near you and note the time you took to write answer specially for long questions. Remember time is very important in board exams and you must have good writing speed to complete all of your answers within time.
  6. In 3 or 4 attempts of practice you will be able to decide how much time you should take to write any particular answer.

click here to download syllabus for cbse class 10

This practice will make you efficient to complete your paper within given time. You will become more confident about your preparation. Also your score will definitely increase in your final exam.

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