CBSE Sample papers for the year 2020 have been released by CBSE Board. The students can  go through the Sample Paper of Physics for Class 12.

The Sample Paper for Physics by CBSE Board will give you an idea about how to attempt exams. But before that, you should read all the text in your books with deep understanding.

  • Physics is based on concepts. So, you should clear all your concepts before attempting sample paper.
  • The numerical part of Physics is very important. Try to practice as many numericals as you can.
  •  Follow a strict time table. It is very crucial that you manage your time well.
  • The diagrams are an important part of Physics. Try to draw diagrams and practice them.
  • Also take care of your writing speed as it largely affects your exam.
  • Nothing beats a paper solved neatly. The neatness of your exam affects a lot.
  • Underline the important headings.
  • Make points to describe rather than using long paragraphs. The latter appear dull and boring. The points look good.
CBSE Physics sample paper 2020 for Class 12 is available here.