You are currently viewing WhatsApp update??? Read before you forward messages !!

WhatsApp update??? Read before you forward messages !!

What is this new WhatsApp update?” 

  • In the latest WhatsApp update any messages (including audio/video contents), which already has been circulated more than five times will-be flagged.

  • One can still forward the particular message. It only makes sense not to immediately act/react on contents.

Originally Founded in 2009 and acquired by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp has been very innovative. It has a relevant influence in our daily life. Though the outcome is not always positive as anticipated with any other technology.

Back in 2017-18, there was a spate of violent incidents of lynching followed by fake messages circulation on social media, particularly WhatsApp. Being suspected of child trafficking, innocent young ones lost their right to live.

The Government sent out a stern warning to WhatsApp and instructed the social media giant to take steps to curb fake messages on its platform. Since then WhatsApp rolled out some major updates including the forwarded message label introduced last year.

Now every time a message is forwarded more than 5 times, the messages will be flagged with 2 grey checks and “this message will be marked as forwarded many times” text on it.

Should I be concerned about this WhatsApp update?

Of course you should be concerned but not worried, just take care of some points while forwarding a message:

  • Do not forward any message containing violent videos unless it is necessary.

  • Do confirm the authenticity of sender and contents before forwarding such messages.

  • Don’t act without facts, which may cause further consequences.

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