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How to Improve your English???

Being an international language, having command in English is a big necessity now a days. Everyone feels the need to improve their skills in English language.

Here are few simple tips to improve your English:

  1. Speaking: Stand in front of mirror and speak anything that comes into your mind. But keep in mind that each word you utter, must be in English. It will not only improve your language but also boost your confidence.
  2. Listening: Watch English movies, documentaries, TV series, etc. to enhance your listening skills.
  3. Reading: Read English books, novels and magazines at least for one hour daily.Your reading skills will definitely get a remarkable boost.
  4. Thinking: To think in English?? It might seem weird to you. But yeah, that’s what I mean. Whatever goes on inside your mind, be sure that its in English. And I am sure you will benefit.
  5. Read a good English newspaper daily. You may find some difficult words that you never heard or read. Just mark those words and look into dictionary for their meanings. Try to use these new words in sentences of your own.
  6. Speak with your family, friends and other people in English. You can commit certain grammatical errors but never mind. It happens with every beginner. Within few days you will feel better. You should also concentrate on Pronunciation of words.
  7. You may feel the following idea funny but you can do it. Call customer care executive of your telecom service provider and speak to them in English.
  8. Keep a diary of new words you learn everyday. This way you can recapitulate previous words. Use these words in sentences and your vocabulary will rise.
  9. Watching DVD’s and CD’s based on English is another method. These can be repeated if you aren’t able to follow certain words.
  10. If you feel that the words of newspapers, novels and magazines are tough, you can start with English books of lower grade children. Once you get used to general words, you can switch on to difficult ones.
  11. Confidence: Mind it. Confidence counts more than the language. Be confident of each word you utter. You may use some wrong words but never lose your confidence as all these problems go away with time.
  12. Take some pictures and try to write few lines on them. It will make you learn the structure of sentences.
  13. Select any topic of your choice and write few lines on it. Search topics from books, internet and compare your composition with those. Try to enhance your vocabulary.
  14. It is quite difficult to memorize idioms. But if you can, it would be great fun. It will definitely add weight to your English.
  15. If accessible, make use of search engines like the popular ones Google and Bing ,on the internet. It is very resourceful and you can learn a lot.
  16. Your body language is also important. Be confident and use relevant gestures.
  17. If you are unable to learn it on your own, join English classes. A good teacher can make you learn the language efficiently.
  18. Attending English improvement class exposes you to same peers who are mostly at the same level of language as you are.
  19. Whenever you have leisure time, take paper and pen. Pen down your thoughts.
  20. The most important point is Will Power.Feel determined to learn the language. Remember Where there is a will there is a way. Speaking only improves by practice. Be confident about your English and you will definitely succeed. Best wishes!!!

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