CBSE offers various additional subjects at Secondary level along with main subjects. In CBSE Curriculum for Class 9 and 10 there are total five subjects including two languages and three main subjects.

All of these Five subjects are compulsory to study at Secondary Level. These includes:-

  1. Language-1 (Hindi Course A or Hindi Course B or English Language &  Literature)
  2. Language-2 (Any one language from Language Group other than Language-1)
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Science

Additional(Optional) Subjects includes:-

6. Any one Vocational(Skill) Subject
7. Any one from Academic Electives or 3rd Language from  Language Group other than Language-1 & 2.

The additional subjects are optional to study. A student can choose 6th and 7th subject as additional subject.

Here you can free download syllabus of Language Subjects in PDF format for CBSE Class 10. 

Download here syllabus of all Vocational Subjects for CBSE Class 10 in PDF format.