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Registration of CBSE Board Exams 2020 for Class 10 and Class 12 has started from August 2, 2019.

Click here to view official CBSE Circular about Class X/XII Examination,2020

This year the registration 2020 has started earlier than expected. CBSE is in the process of continuously improving its Board Examination process since 2018. This includes:-

  • Changing the Pattern of Board Examinations.
  • Rescheduling the decade old examination dates.
  • Hike in registration fees for Board Classes.
  • New pattern for Practical Examinations :- from 2020 on wards, the practical exams are also supposed to be held at External Centres.
  • New guidelines for Changing of school for Class IX and Class XI students.
  • From 2020 examinations, CBSE does not have any scheme as Delhi or All India. It will be only Secondary School Examination (Class-X) and Senior School Certificate
    Examination (Class-XII).

CBSE Registration for 2020 Exams. Important points for Schools:

  • No affiliated school shall present the candidates to Board exams who are not on its rolls.
  • No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board exams who are enrolled in an unaffiliated School/Branch.
  • No affiliated school shall present the candidates who are on its rolls but do not meet the minimum attendance requirement as per rules of the Board.
  • All schools should ensure that rules of the CBSE are being followed for registration of candidates. In a section 40 students are allowed, however, based on 1.5 teachers per section, students per section should not exceed 45. The number of sections cannot exceed the number of sections permitted by theĀ  CBSE Board.
  • CBSE will accept the fees only in DIGITAL PAYMENTS mode.

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